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My “go-to” Girls!

I have a lot of friends. I take pride in that and try to take care of my friends. I have one friend in particular that can make friends anywhere/anytime. Once she made some “elevator” friends on a mini trip we took when our kids were little!  She thinks I’m like that, too. 
But here’s the thing. There are friends and there are my go-to girls!  These are the friends I hold most dear. More precious to me than any tangible item in the world. We look after one another, put each other up and go after the jugular of anyone who tries to hurt the other. That’s true friendship. Some of these friends I don’t see often but the real and true friendship remains. We can pick up where we left off even if 7-10 Years has passed. This, my friends, is rare!  Hold these people dear! Also, don’t be afraid to cut loose a fly by night friend that would trash talk you any chance they get. That is not who you need on your team. Sometimes these friends are hard to recognize. Their expertise in “two-facidness” is such an art that not even the best of us can spot them. Maybe you’ll find out from a true friend or even an email they mistakenly send to you about you!  No matter how you find out...cut the cord!  Yes, it’s sad and painful to remove a person(or people) from your life but you’re better off away from the negativity. It doesn’t serve you(or anyone for that matter) well. 
I’m not a big believer in keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. I believe in knowing what others think about me is not my business and that I don’t want them in my business!
So make new friends, keep the old, but never let yourself be undersold!
Thank you to my go-to’s!  You know who you are!😘😘😘


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