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Conversations at a Bookstore

Ok. It’s going to sound like I was eavesdropping and I guess I was sort of. But, here’s the thing...I was sitting at my table drinking my chai, reading my borrowed books long before this older couple(at least 15-20 years my senior)sat down and started talking at a normal conversation if not louder level. So cut me a little slack. 
The gist of the conversation was the upcoming holiday (family, from what I gather) celebration. The menu... what they could and couldn’t serve because of a picky daughter or daughter-in-law (probably the latter!😉), gift giving, room arrangements, and just some good ol’ family bashing. It was all in a negative tone. 😔 This made me sad. 
Now I know we all do this. We are human. It’s natural to vent and when you’re venting it’s rarely positive!
Suddenly...hearing it helped put it into perspective for me. A life lesson...” Listen to this conversation and stop doing it yourself!” It sounds awful and it’s not productive for building connections. 
No offense but I wanted to chime in on this couple’s conversation and say why?  Why even have them if they’re causing you such anguish?  If it’s anything like my little family of four back in the day; trying to coordinate school schedules, 2 work schedules, visiting each family “side”, purchasing gifts, making cookies and travel with no time really because of work and kids was hard enough. If I thought for even a minute this was being said about us I would have said. NO!  We won’t be attending. We don’t want to burden anyone and we’re trying as hard as we can to create our own traditions. 
My kids are now grown. I don’t get much time with them. I’m not going to spend the time I do get arguing or even entertaining thoughts about such petty stuff. 
So, I welcome the picky eaters!  We’ll find something you like and I promise I won’t say a thing or be offended!
I’m glad for the lesson I learned in the bookstore that day. 
However, I’ll take this opportunity to warn you if you spot me at a bookstore cafe; you may want to move!


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