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Call me Bridget Jones!!

Just like Bridget Jones, I have ideas of bettering myself in the new year!
Thankfully, unlike Bridget, I’m free from the battle of the bulge and smoking!

Here goes...and let’s not be a part of the 80 % of New Year’s resolutions that fail!  Wish me well and I’ll do the same for you!

*Resolution number one: 

To write and blog daily.
My son, his fiancé and my precious grandgirl gave me a book of 52 Lists for Happiness. I will share one weekly( each Monday on kick-off quote day!).
If you enjoy journaling like I do, I suggest you purchase the book by Moorea Seal. 

I actually haven’t missed a day of blogging since starting on Thanksgiving.  I have however incorporated the lazy days of kick off quote and sharing an easy recipe to give my mind a break(but not really as who can stop the thoughts!)
Thus the reason you’re getting this post on January 3rd instead of January 1st. 
I’ve also had a ghost writer a couple of times who may soon become a cowriter on the blog.

**Resolution Number Two:

To live more honestly and freely. 

(No more cares about what others think! Plus, when you’re honest you never have to remember what you said!😉)

***Resolution Number Three:

To be Pescatarian 

“Only from the sea; if it lives on land it’s not for me.”

****Resolution Number Four:

No more swearing!
(Argh!  This will be hard as I love using swear words as expletives!)

Also there’s this quote...

“Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”
-Mark Twain

I will think of this if I slip a bit!

What are your resolutions?  I’d love to know...


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