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Tolerance is your gift to the world.

 I play the silly Facebook quiz games and occasionally read a horoscope or two. πŸ˜‰. They mean nothing to me. It’s harmless fun!  I’ll even shake that Magic 8 ball!  It’s all in good fun.  I do not take stock in the outcome of a “ game”.   I  do, however, follow and believe in scripture.  I even subscribe to and read often 
It just seems to be spot on some days and leads me to look for the right verses to focus on for the day/days ahead. So, when today’s blog title came up as my God wants you to know... I was amazed at how fitting it was for my life at this time. 
Slow to anger. That’s what God wants and that’s who I am. I once taught with someone who asked me why I forgave so readily and easily.  That’s simple!  He wants me to and that’s an easy one to obey! Anger towards another won’t hurt that other person anyway. For you, it will fester. Let it go!
Today my devotion read as the following and I couldn’t agree more!  Thanks alldevotion!

“Angela, today God wants you to know that tolerance is your gift to the world. 

It is easy to respond to hurts and frustrations with anger. The real measure of communion with God is tolerance.”


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We all want our days to go well.  How do we achieve this?  Start your day on a positive note and set your good intentions for the day ahead. Breathe goodness into your day right away. may wake up and your back is sore from sleeping funny; or your head is focused on the negativity you feel dragging you down in one way or another.  Stop.  Listen to your body and quiet the demons in your head. You have the key to this day’s happiness. Find it. Keep it on an imaginary keychain you place near the space you wake.  For me it’s lemon water!  I start my day with lemon water!  This is how I know it’s going to be a good one!

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