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The Best Compliments

Sometimes the best compliments don’t sound like compliments! Well, at least not to others anyway.
I once dated a guy who told someone that inquired about why he chose me...
“Not everybody just goes for looks!” He said. Ha!  At the time I was in utter shock.
I mean I’ve never considered myself good looking but, but, but...didn’t he???
I get it now; since this same guy has told me I am beautiful and gorgeous for some years now; even when I don’t feel it or look it for that matter. He saw past my looks. He saw and continues to see ME!  The me who isn’t concerned with what others think but does show concern for others. 
I taught for 25 years and some of the best compliments come from former students that I had years and years ago telling me what a special teacher they thought I was; pure joy are those precious compliments!  I hold them close and dear.
Each compliment you receive should stay in the forefront of your mind as it’s easy to recall the bad stuff but sometimes hard for us to believe the good.  
Thanks to my absolute dearest girlfriend, the sister I never had, for the compliments I received via e-mail yesterday. 
Then, just now while editing this, I received the best EVER compliment via text from another bestie!!
Good people in your life just seem to know when your soul needs them!
You girls were the inspiration for this post!😘


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