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Just Chill

I used to be afraid to fly. I’m not anymore. 
As I prepared to catch my flight home today from San Diego to Illinois I was feeling pretty chill. I’d had a great week in California and was ready to hit the skies, so to speak. 
As I approached the security line I noticed a little guy (not quite 2, I would guess) crying his eyes out. I couldn’t blame the little fella. His mom was no where to be seen and dad was apparently needing to take care of an issue. The little guy was left with a woman in security clothing. He was obviously not feeling very secure. Who could blame him????
I was reminded of the time our  Ryan had tubes put in his ears and as we were being discharged from the hospital, the attending nurse told me to keep the baby in her care while I was to drive the car up to collect him.  
I took one look into those little eyes of my baby boy and I knew there was no way that was happening; too traumatic for the both of us!  I bundled him up and we ran to the car...together.   
I’m not saying the parents in the airport today were wrong and I am in no way being a “Judge Judy”.    
 I have no idea what was going on or what their circumstances were in that moment.   I do know that once mom, dad and the little fella were reunited he continued to scream and yell at the top of his lungs. Who could blame him?  
The funny thing was his t-shirt read, “Just Chill”.  I had to laugh a little to myself. 
Fast forward 2.5 hours later as I boarded the plane and without my knowledge had yet another family with 2 little kids sitting right behind me. 
Bear in mind, I started babysitting at age 12, volunteered in our church nursery, taught elementary education for 25 years, became a momma in my early twenties (our first baby had colic, our poor sweetheart), have a granddaughter now and have gone back to nannying for the last 4 years. My point being I love and can handle children with the patience of a saint. 
However...5 minutes into flight the little guy started kicking my seat. Within 30 minutes of the flight he started screaming and complaining about everything under the sun including the sun and when the sun went down he was upset that it was too dark and scary. 
This was a 4 hour flight, mind you, and he simply didn’t let up. 
Flash back to the t-shirt I saw earlier... guess what I    was reminding myself to do?
Yep, you got it!

Just Chill!! πŸ€™πŸ»πŸ˜‰


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